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By combining our expertise, years of experience and customer focus, we ensure solutions that are truly advantageous for any application
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Wood & Lacquer

A large part of wood is sanded at some point during the industry process. Regardless type of wood, Ekamant has both the experience and products to achieve the required surface finish from calibration to lacquer sanding.


Metal is the base material for countless industries. With an increasing demand on high valued metal from the market, Ekamant offers efficient and up-to date products for an excellent grinding experience.


A sensitive material that puts high demand on buffing/sanding operation. Customers worldwide are expecting exceptional surfaces on the hide and rubber. Ekamant has dedicated years and efforts to develop the most suitable products for the market deman…


Composite is a material made from two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties. This material is usually reinforced with glass or carbon fibres, and generally used for e.g. boats, cars, bathtubs, wind…

Cement board

Cement boards are an important material in many new construction of buildings and renovation of old houses. Cement boards can be used both as panels on house facades and as indoor decoration.


There are a wide variety of stone floors, bathrooms, kitchen worktops etc that needs the attention of abrasive material before getting its final surface.


Glass is commonly grinded by the edges. Ekamant and its Silicon Carbide products are suitable for the glass applications.


A lot of the fabric that is produced for the textile industries, are sanded to get a soft surface finish. Ekamant has decades of experience and products for this process.