Customer view "Reliable supplier"


A well-known bathroom manufacturer from Dalstorp, Tranemo. Svedbergs is the Nordic market leader in bathroom furnishings and is sanding with Ekamant's products throughout its manufacturing, production of wood furniture, cabinets to the bathrooms and toilets.

Corporate business relationship between Ekamant and Svedbergs has lasted for more than 30 years. Svedbergs is a traditional family business which next year celebrates its 100th anniversary.

"Ekamant is a reliable supplier of coated abrasives and we have good contact with their representatives, even when it comes to certain development and technical advice to the belts of our machines" says Fredrik Andersson, Head of wood and painting department at Svedbergs.

"Here at Svedbergs we use abrasives of various grain sizes and in several steps during the production of our wooden furniture. In the first phase, the actual wood surface is created, then we continue to sand the primer and top coat. The sanding is done both manually and by machine, depending on the product. Still, a part by hand, with precision and accuracy" says Fredrik Andersson.