First on market - First in quality
Cleaner sanded surface makes lacquering easier. Sanding is one of several operations determining the quality of your products.
With better sanding you are able to perform better finish/surface result.
Ekamant Antistatex® has so many technical advantages that it will make this your best
economical alternative.

Ekamant Antistatex® generates no electrical charges. The result is that the sanding dust
follows the sanding belt and is carried out by the suction devices/dust extractors of the
machine. No sanding dust adheres to the work piece. As a result you will get a better and cleaner wood surface resulting in more cost effective coating process.

Cleaner machines mean safer production
Due to the absence of suspended sanding dust there will be no need to clean the
machinery often. This saves both time and money. Conventional sanding belts generates
electrical charges that may cause a fire or dust explosion in the sanding machine.
Since Ekamant Antistatex® products generates no electrical charges, it will be a much
safer alternative.

Improved working environment
Sanding dust is not just a technical problem, but an environmental problem as well-and for every year the requirements for a healthier occupational environment get stricter.

Ekamant Antistatex® will for sure be able to help out in the work towards a healthier and safer occupational environment.

Here you can watch the Sanding!