Wood and lacquer


Ekamant is one of the world leading producers of coated abrasive products for the wood industry.

With more than 90 years in the business, we are also one of the oldest—as well as one of the most innovative, with a history of introducing groundbreaking coated abrasive technology.

Our products can be found all over the global wood industry, from large manufacturing units to small wood working shops from China to the US.



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EKAMANT Antistatex®

First on the market—First in Quality


Cleaner sanded surface makes lacquering easier

Sanding is one of several operations determining the quality of you products. With better sanding you are able to perform better finish/surface result. Ekamant Antistatex® has so many technical advantages that it will make this your best economical alternative.

Ekamant Antistatex® generates no electrical charges. The result is that the sanding dust follows the sanding belt and is carried out by the suction devices/dust extractors of the machine. No sanding dust adheres to the workpiece. As a result you will get a better and cleaner wood surface which is cheaper to lacquer.

Cleaner machines mean safer production

Due to the absence of suspended sanding dust there will be no need to clean the machinery often. This saves both time and money. Conventional sanding belts generates electrical charges that may cause a fire or dust explosion in the sanding machine. Since Ekamant Antistatex® products generates no electrical charges, it will be a much safer alternative.

Improved working environment

Sanding dust is not just a technical problem, but an environmental problem as well—and for every year the requirements for a healthier occupational environment get stricter. Ekamant Antistatex® will for sure be able to help out in the work towards a healthier and safer occupational environment.



EKAMANT Product Range Classification


Ekamant is using a classification system (A and B range) in order to display to our partners what kind of products that is kept on stock or not. Every year the classification of Ekamant products is reviewed and updated according to the valid market needs, which means that the classification will also change over time.

Main Groups

A-Product Range

• Stock kept material ready for immediate delivery.

• Volumes adjusted according to budget and prognosis.

B-Product Range

Products normally not kept on stock, but available for all customers to purchase based on established minimum qty.


Product Min. Qty. On stock
A-Products 1 JRL Yes
B-Products 1000 m No

B-Products with Stearate (if the product is an A-Product without Stearate)

  800m No

Note: B-Products incl. Stearate shorter than 800 m, 10% extra charge on the normal price.




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