A long history ensures a bright future

Experience is the best innovator. With over 90 years in the business, Ekamant is one of the oldest manufacturers of coated abrasives in the world. It's also one of the most innovative.

Ekamant is located in Markaryd, deep in the heart of a Swedish forest, where our company was founded in 1928. The coated abrasive knowledge we have accumulated over the years has been passed down from generation to generation. We are constantly discussing new ideas for improving our technology. At work, we are trying, testing, failing - and eventually succeeding. But the goal is always the same: how to find ways to make our products even better and more effective in supporting our customers' development.

Our combination of tradition and high-technology is unique and it has inspired us to think outside the box and use abrasives in an innovative way - for the benefit of both present and future generations.



Ekamant founded in 1928 by Mr Ernst O. Andersson. The first name of the company was "Fabriks AB Ekå".


Electrostatic coating

Ekamant adopts the electrostatic coating method in the production line. The first company in Scandinavia.


The name Ekamant

Ekamant was registered as a trademark in 1962.


Ekamant AB

Ekamant register its current company name, Ekamant AB.


First patent

Ekamant receives it first patent- for antistatic Coated Abrasives.



Ekamant introduces the brand name Antistatex. It is a name for a new Product line with antistatic Coated Abrasive products. The first antistatic Coated Abrasives in the World.


First phenolic resin-bonded Coated Abrasives

Ekamant introduces phenolic resin-bonded Coated Abrasives to satisfy customers need for durable Products.


Ekamant Deutschland GmbH

Ekamant establishes it first subsidiary in Germany, Ekamant Deutschland GmbH.


Pt Ekamant Indonesia

Ekamant acquires their distributor in Indonesia. and establish the subsidiary Pt Ekamant Indonesia.


Ekamant Denmark ApS

Ekamant establishes its subsidiary in Denmark, Ekamant Denmark ApS.


Ekamant Polska

Ekamant establishes its subsidiary in Poland, Ekamant Polska sp z.o.o.


Ekamant Eesti

Ekamant establishes its subsidiary in Estonia, Ekamant Eesti OU


Ekamant Abrasives Shenzhen

Ekamant establishes its subsidiary in China, Ekamant Abrasives Shenzhen Co.Ltd.


Ekamant South Africa

Ekamant establishes its first subsidiary in Africa, Ekamant South Africa (Pty) Ltd.


Ekamant LLC

Ekamant establishes its subsidiary in Russia, Ekamant LLC